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Public Works

Telephone & Email Directory

Name Title Telephone
Dave Hillmantel
Director of Public Works (215) 368-7602

The Towamencin Township Public Works Department strives at keeping township roads and parks safe and accessible. They perform a diverse range of duties throughout the township. They are responsible for maintaining 76 miles of roadway, 300 acres of open space, 9 parks, and the general maintenance of police vehicles, township vehicles, equipment and properties.

The Township periodically cleans out ditches, grades shoulders, and trims trees along the roadway in front of your home. All of the work is done within the township right-of-way. Please drive slowly and pay attention to the flagmen and signs when driving through work zones.

The Public Works Department functions under the direct management of the Public Works Director, David Hillmantel. 

2023 Road Paving Project

The Township’s Road Paving Project started the week of September 18th and includes 11 Township roads. The awarded contractor, Harris Blacktopping, Inc., began milling in September and will continue through October 19, weather permitting.

2020 ADA Ramp Replacement Project, Owner Curbing Replacements & 2021 Road Paving Update 

In July, residents with deficient concrete for their curb and/or driveway apron and who reside on roads scheduled for road paving in 2021, were notified of the specific deficiency at their address and a reminder of the homeowner’s maintenance responsibility for repair or replacement. Earlier this year, these concrete deficiencies were marked by the Township Engineer. Deteriorating sidewalks were also marked. While the sidewalks are not required to be replaced at this time, it may be more cost effective for owners to do all the needed work at once. Sidewalks may be required to be replaced at a later time, such as at time of sale of a property. Per the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Second Class Township Code, the cost of concrete curb, sidewalk and driveway apron replacement is the responsibility of the property owner. Towamencin Township requires that all marked curb and driveway aprons must be replaced by May 31, 2021.

The Township is holding off on paving roads this year, so that the concrete deficiencies are corrected prior to the road paving. Intact curbing preserves the integrity of the roads, by providing the support on each side of the road. The support of the curbing prevents the spread of the road surface, which can result in drainage problems and possibly safety concerns.

While paving has been pushed back to next year, we are moving forward with the associated ADA ramp replacement work required for the roads scheduled for paving next year. Usually, the ADA ramps are done in concert with the paving. This work is expected to start later this summer.

Stormwater Maintenance

By practicing healthy household habits, homeowners can keep common pollutants like pesticides, pet waste, grass clippings, and automotive fluids off the ground and out of storm water. Adopt healthy household habits. For more information click here.

Sanitary Sewer

Property owners are responsible for the integrity of internal plumbing and lateral pipes on their property. Sewer lines can become blocked due to roots, grease buildup or debris in the pipes. When this occurs, wastewater flow is blocked and may backup towards the first possible outlet. Trees can also be a big problem for sanitary sewer lines.


Pothole Repair

To report potholes on local roads, please call the Towamencin Township Administration Office at 215-368-7602 or email us using the contact form.

To report potholes on State Roads please call PennDOT Pothole Repair at 1-800-FIX-ROAD

The following are State Roads:

  • Allentown Road
  • Bridge Road
  • Bustard Road
  • Forty Foot Road
  • Old Forty Foot Road
  • Orvilla Road
  • Troxel Road
  • Valley Forge Road
  • Sumneytown Pike (west of Forty Foot Road)
  • Wambold Road
  • Welsh Road

To report potholes on Montgomery County Roads please call Montgomery County, Pa Department of Road and Bridges at 610-278-3613.

The following is a Montgomery County Road:

  • Sumneytown Pike (from Valley Forge Road to Forty Foot Road)

Snow Removal

Please park vehicles off the streets during a winter storm to allow for safe and efficient removal of snow from curb to curb. Also remove trash cans and sports equipment from the roadway. To avoid being plowed in, shovel snow to the right of your driveway (as you are facing the road).

It is unlawful to throw, shovel or plow snow into any roadways within the township from adjoining property.

Snow Emergency Routes

Dean Drive Entire Length East Side
Specht Place Entire length East Side
Village Way Entire length South Side
Morgan Way Entire length West Side
Boone Way Entire length West Side
Yeakel Way Entire length North Side
Morris Road Entire length Both Sides
Kriebel Road Entire length Both Sides
Anders Road Entire length Both Sides
Old Morris Road Entire length Both Sides
Liberty Bell Road Entire length Both Sides
Green Land Road Entire length Both Sides
Detwiler Road Entire length Both Sides
Quarry Road Entire length Both Sides
Keeler Road Entire length Both Sides
Snyder Road Entire length Both Sides
Weikel Road Entire length Both Sides
Woodlawn Road Entire length Both Sides
Oak Blvd. Entire length Both Sides
Boyd Avenue Entire length Both Sides
Columbia Avenue Entire length Both Sides
Grist Mill Drive Entire length Both Sides

If you have any questions for the Public Works Department please contact the Administration office at 215-368-7602 or email us at