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Towamencin Township Pool

The pool is closed until Spring 2023.

Please check the pool website , under Programs, for membership pricing in 2023. Please note, the Towamencin Community Pool will be closed when all North Penn School District schools are in session and is subject to closure in the case of severe or cold weather.

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Location - 895 Weikel Rd, Lansdale, PA 19446

H Pool to Remain Closed for Remainder of Season - June 17, 2022

We are sad to officially report the upper pool, known as the “H Pool”, will be closed for the entire season. Upon opening the pool this spring and filling it, Township staff found the pool was draining at a high rate. After extensive investigating, video detection equipment identified a significant break in a pipe that services the underground filtration system. We apologize for the delayed announcement - especially with schools now closed for the summer - as operation alternatives were being explored up until late Wednesday, June 15th.

Over the last two weeks, management from the Township, the pool operator StandGuard Aquatics, the pool maintenance company, and an outside consultant have been feverishly brainstorming and exploring options with the goal to find a short-term solution that would enable the pool to open. However, each scenario considered became unfeasible due to the existing infrastructure of the pool, specifically the location of the pipe break and the lack of access with other associated equipment, and potential safety issues for swimmers.

For background: there is a broken pipe located beneath the pool surface and drains, which are all encased in concrete. The only remedy is to completely excavate the area of the pool where the break is located to make the repair. This repair will also require the replacement of two drains also located in this area. These drains must be specially ordered which will take 6-8 weeks for delivery. In addition, the pool maintenance company is unable to secure a contractor to perform the demolition and pool reconstruction work until early August. The plan is not to perform major repairs until the conclusion of the pool season.

We understand the disappointment this pool closure causes families who look forward to using it each year. However, we are not willing to jeopardize the safety of pool members to avoid disappointing reactions. While the pool is closed, in addition to the noted repair work, the Township plans to bring in a pool expert to evaluate this pool’s overall design to identify what additional improvements should be considered to enhance the functionality and life of the pool. This downtime creates an opportunity to improve the overall experience for members in 2023 and beyond. 

Again, we apologize for the delayed announcement, thank you for your patience and hope most can recognize the difficult decision we are making to keep the pool closed, after exhausting other options to reopen this pool safely. Township officials and StandGuard management will discuss a refund process for those directly affected. We will share these details as they are worked out. 

Pool Update - May 27, 2022 
The Towamencin pool facility is opening tomorrow, Saturday, May 28th. However, the H pool, that includes the slide, etc., will be closed due to an extensive leak that must be addressed before the pool can be used.   

Upon prepping for this season’s opening several weeks ago, a huge leak was discovered in the H Pool.  The pool was losing over a foot of water each day.  The Township brought in a contractor to investigate the location of the leak and it is under the pool shell. The leak must be fixed before the H pool can open. Township staff is working with the pool contractor to get this leak repaired as quickly as possible. We are waiting on a subsequent timeline and full details of the anticipated scope of work.