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Kibler Meadows

The preservation of open space is valued by the Towamencin Township Community, especially by longtime residents who owned property they wished to preserve. Such is the case for Kibler Meadows. In 2005, the Township received this 35 acre meadow from the estate of Virginia W. Kibler, who enjoyed horseback riding, farming and the natural beauty of her property. In her will she expressed her desire to keep the area undeveloped and natural for appreciation by future Towamencin residents.

Visit this meadow with your kids and count butterflies, watch the sunset, or just sit in the quiet beauty and imagine years past as Virginia was riding her horses along the trail. Thirty five acres of magnificent landscape offer opportunities for artists to paint, musicians to create, or writers to compose. Be inspired!

Kibler Meadow Park is located between Kerr and Schlosser Roads in the "Panhandle" section of the Township. Its GPS Location is 2365 Kerr Rd, Harleysville, PA 19438.