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Sewer System Valuation Process: Data Room

The below links include compressed folders that can be downloaded to extract and access individual files.

Last Update: March 1st - New folder: Bid Submissions, see table of contents

Table of Contents

File Type Size
Act 537 Plan ZIP 46.1 MB
Agreements ZIP 24.5 MB
Assets ZIP 25.8 MB
Bid Submissions ZIP 18.8 MB
Chapter 94 Act 537 ZIP 9.3 MB
Contracts ZIP 8.3 MB
Customers ZIP 3.3 MB
Debt ZIP 2.2 MB
Employees ZIP 5.4 MB
Environmental ZIP 17.4 MB
TDS Reports ZIP 6.4 MB
FAQ Document PDF 133 KB
Financials ZIP 22.3 MB
Future Development PDF 176 KB
Operations & Maintenance Manual ZIP 649.0 MB
PPC Plan PDF 37.7 MB
Rates Fees ZIP 2.5 MB
Studies ZIP 15.7 MB
Depreciation Cost Study PDF 9.7 MB
Lab Bench Sheets ZIP 397 KB
Discharge Monitoring Reports 2018 - 2021 ZIP 287.6 MB
Permits ZIP 5.4 MB