Veterans Committee

Notes & Presentation Materials - Veterans Park Master Plan Public Meeting Sept. 14

Towamencin Township is currently working on a master plan for their future Veterans Memorial Park. A public meeting was held on September 14 to review the mission statement, plan process and schedule, existing physical conditions and to brainstorm. The next public meeting will take place in January 2022. The future Memorial Park will be located at the Tennis-Lukens Cemetery open space, off Allentown Road, adjacent/behind the Planet Fitness.

Veterans Park Grant Celebration – Thursday, July 29th at 10:30 am

On Thursday, July 29th, the Township’s Veterans Memorial Committee hosted a ceremony commemorating the Township’s recent $25,000 grant award from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). The DCED grant along with a previously awarded $25,000 DCNR grant - allowing the Township to advance to the planning phase by developing a Veterans Memorial Park Master Plan. In addition to celebrating this funding milestone, the Committee recognized Senator Bob Mensch for his continued support of the Veterans Committee in its efforts to secure these grants.

Veterans Communications Opt-in

In an effort to reach out to our local Veterans and improve lines of communication, the Township’s Veterans Committee is working on a local database. The committee will use the veterans' database to poll interest in future events and/or programs and for notification purposes of events and items of interest. We thank you in advance for assisting us in our goal of increasing the Veterans footprint and communications within the Township.

If you have such an interest, please sign-up by clicking the Veterans icon button below,it will bring you to a committee member's email. In the body of the email, please provide the following:


Once again, Veterans and Church Volunteers Show respect for Township Civil War Soldiers - April 6, 2021

For the second time in 18 months, members of the Towamencin Township Veterans Committee volunteered their time to clean-up a cemetery in the Township wherein is the final resting place of Civil War veterans.

The Township’s Veterans Committee group gathered early Saturday morning, March 27th, to cut and remove weeds, grasses and invasive tree seedlings that had grown to the height of four feet since the last clean-up. The preceding weekend, a volunteer group from the Board of Trustees of the Eastern PA Conference of The United Methodist Church was on site picking up litter and large sticks so that the veterans would not be hampered while attacking the overgrown vegetation with their power tools.

The old cemetery was part of a church that was disbanded in the early 20th century and the cemetery all but forgotten. The last listed owner of the cemetery is the Methodist Episcopal Church (“MEC”), which was the oldest and largest Methodist denomination in the United States from its founding in 1784 until 1939. That year, the MEC reunited with two breakaway Methodist denominations.

Several families and members of the early Towamencin community are buried there, including Jacob Kulp. Jacob G. Kulp, who passed in October 1884, had served with a Pennsylvania Infantry regiment during the Civil War. Following the war, he was a member of the “Grand Army of the Republic,” a fraternal organization composed of veterans of who served in the Civil War.



Towamencin Awarded $25,000 Grant for Veterans Memorial Park - November 14, 2019

Towamencin Township and its Veterans Committee were very pleased to learn today that a $25,000 grant has been awarded by the Pennsylvania Department Conservation & Natural Resources for the development of a Master Park Plan for a Veterans Memorial Park.

The Veterans Committee made a presentation this past May to Senator Bob Mensch and Representative Liz Hanbidge that outlined the vision for the site and sought their support for our grant applications. While the State elected officials’ appreciation of the vision undoubtedly added weight to our applications, they also helped broadcast the dream and enthusiasm to establish this special park.  

Full press release

Veterans Day Flag Raising Ceremony - November 11, 2019

The Township's Veterans Committee celebrated the holiday with a flag raising ceremony at the newly installed flagpole at the future Veterans Memorial Park location, by the Tennis Lukens Cemetery open space, off Allentown Rd, adjacent to the Towamencin Village Shopping Center.








Veterans Memorial Park Dedication Pictures - November 11, 2018

On Sunday, November 11th, the Towamencin Township’s Veterans Committee, along with the assistance of American Legion Post 933, held a dedication ceremony for its newly designated “Veterans Memorial Park, located at the Tennis-Lukens Cemetery open space, off Allentown Road, adjacent to the Towamencin Shopping Village Center.

Despite the cold temperatures, several attendees came out to support our local veterans, past and present, and the hard work and dedication of our Veterans Committee. We thank all the committee members who volunteered their time planning the dedication and our residents and neighbors who made it a great and respectful event. We look forward to the development of our future Memorial Park.

The dedication coincided with commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the armistice ending hostilities of the First World War. In 1954, Congress changed the name of the November 11th Armistice Day Holiday to Veterans Day, rededicating the day to the memory of service personnel for all wars of the United States.

Towamencin Township Veterans Committee

Nancy Becker, Adam Jerasa (USN), Gordon Bell (USCG)   
Barry Kenyon (USN), William Blackburn (USA), Michael Lewis (USAF)
Bill Dauphinee (USMC), Rich Marino (USMC), Bob DiDomizio          
Peter Murphy, Stephen Fidik (USN), Phyllis Patton, Rob Ford (USN)     Laureen Sendel-Grant (USA), Barry Forgeng (USMC)   Jim Sinz (USN)
Terrill Howe (USN), Stacy Spizziri (USA)

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