Public Works Department

The Towamencin Township Public Works Department strives at keeping township roads and parks safe and accessible. They perform a diverse range of duties throughout the township. They are responsible for maintaining 76 miles of roadway, 300 acres of open space, 9 parks, and the general maintenance of police vehicles, township vehicles, equipment and properties.

The Township periodically cleans out ditches, grades shoulders, and trims trees along the roadway in front of your home. All of the work is done within the township right-of-way. Please drive slowly and pay attention to the flagmen and signs when driving through work zones.

The Public Works Department functions under the direct management of the Public Works Director, David Hillmantel.

Hunter Hill Drive, Archer Lane & Crossbow Way Stormwater Replacement Project - April 6th

The Township's Public Works Department will be starting to replace stormwater inlets and storm water pipe crossings along Hunter Hill Drive, Archer Lane and Crossbow Way over the next few weeks - as soon as the weather permits.

Please be aware you will see ONE CALL markings on the streets and by the properties of the above mentioned roads.  Please be careful around the work areas. Work crews will try to only open sections that can be repaired within that day’s work so as not to leave any areas open overnight. If unexpected circumstances arise, and we have to leave an area open, it will be surrounded by safety tape and barricades. Please stay clear of those areas. After the work is complete, the road will be repaved later in the summer as part of the 2018 Township Paving Program. Below is a link to additional information presented at the Board Meeting on February 28th.

Hunter Hill Drive, Archer Lane & Crossbow Way Stormwater Replacement Project

Snow Reminders

Parking - When a “Snow Emergency” is declared by the Township, all  cars must be removed from streets designated and posted as a “Snow Emergency Route.” Vehicles not removed are subject to towing and citation. During any snow storm, even if a snow emergency is not declared, all residents are highly encouraged to remove all vehicles and seasonal equipment from the roadways by placing them in their driveways if possible. This will ensure streets are cleared and to allow plow drivers unobstructed ability to plow roadways.

Sidewalk Shoveling & Driveway Plowing – Township Code does not allow for snow to be plowed or blown back into the street. Ordinances prohibit this practice, which in extreme conditions can result in fines. The purpose of this ordinance is to keep our streets clear for safe travel. For residents who have a private contractor clearing their driveways, please remind them of this provision.

Fire Hydrants - A fire hydrant can help save lives and property in your neighborhood. The Township and Fire Company request residents to assist the community in keeping fire hydrants, located in front their home, clear of snow.

Mailboxes - Property owners are reminded to check the security and proper placement of their curbside mailboxes after the recent snow and ice storms.

The Township has policies in place regarding replacement of mailboxes that are properly placed and have obviously been directly hit by a snowplow. However, the Township is not responsible for mailbox damage caused by snow being thrown off the plow, or if a mailbox is hanging over in to the cart way. According to the United States Postal Service, mailboxes are to be placed with the face of the box 6 to 8 inches from the front of the curb.

Stormwater Maintenance

By practicing healthy household habits, homeowners can keep common pollutants like pesticides, pet waste, grass clippings, and automotive fluids off the ground and out of storm water. Adopt healthy household habits. For more information click here

Sanitary Sewer

Trees can be a big problem for sanitary sewer lines. For more information on how to prevent pipe breakage and on proper maintenance of your sewer line, click here.

Be sewer smart - click here

309 Connector
Pothole Repair
Mont. County Transportation Mgmt Snow Emergency Routes
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - PennDOT Valley Forge/Sumneytown Pike

Pothole Repair

To report potholes on local roads, please call the Towamencin Township Administration Office at 215-368-7602 or email us using the contact form.

To report potholes on State Roads please call PennDOT Pothole Repair

The following are State Roads:

To report potholes on Montgomery County Roads please call Montgomery County, Pa Department of Road and Bridges at 610-278-3613.

The following is a Montgomery County Road

Snow Removal

Please park vehicles off the streets during a winter storm to allow for safe and efficient removal of snow from curb to curb. Also remove trash cans and sports equipment from the roadway. To avoid being plowed in, shovel snow to the right of your driveway (as you are facing the road).
It is unlawful to throw, shovel or plow snow into any roadways within the township from adjoining property. Listen to WNPV 1440 for declared snow emergencies.

Snow Emergency Routes
Dean Drive Entire Length East Side
Specht Place Entire length East Side
Village Way Entire length South Side
Morgan Way Entire length West Side
Boone Way Entire length West Side
Yeakel Way Entire length North Side
Morris Road Entire length Both Sides
Kriebel Road Entire length Both Sides
Anders Road Entire length Both Sides
Old Morris Road Entire length Both Sides
Liberty Bell Road Entire length Both Sides
Green Land Road Entire length Both Sides
Detwiler Road Entire length Both Sides
Quarry Road Entire length Both Sides
Keeler Road Entire length Both Sides
Snyder Road Entire length Both Sides
Weikel Road Entire length Both Sides
Woodlawn Road Entire length Both Sides
Oak Blvd. Entire length Both Sides
Boyd Avenue Entire length Both Sides
Columbia Avenue Entire length Both Sides
Grist Mill Drive Entire length Both Sides

If you have any questions for the Public Works Department please contact the Administration office at
215-368-7602 or email us at